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where the absurd marries the realistic and you remember which way is up.


It is way too easy to fall into habits.  Let yourself play with what’s between our pages!


Because sometimes you want to read something thought provoking and sometimes you want to laugh.


Our gears are turning, yours should be too. Consider participating in making it happen.

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i, GLOWBOT is the inaugural theme for the Burning Almanac. Because clearly if you brought robots to Burning Man they would be glowing. 

Interpret this as you wish. Our contributors certainly will be doing that themselves…

Get creative.

This is meant to be an art form that doesn’t really fully exist yet. It is growing out of the almanac, Zine, and arts journal concepts, but fundamentally this is our format to play with. So what word, visual, or numerical geekery do you wish to share? 

What’s an almanac anyway?

 The Farmer’s Almanac helps farmers get their best growing year on while simultaneously entertaining and inspiring them during the long winter hibernation.

That said, a Burning Almanac would have to provide inspiration for burners to have their best Burning Man year ever while engaging in creative expression. However, we don’t guarantee that we are just providing entertainment for the community, including those who will be on the playa and those who can’t make it but wish to immerse themselves in this co-created culture. 


First and foremost we are doing this for FUN:
                      Yeah! Party!!!!!

In all seriousness, the plan is to get sufficient funds to make a large gift of almanacs to the community. That, and covering the costs of printing, shipping, etc. is most important

We are doing this because we want to:
– engage with the community,
– be playful in our artistic side,
– have fun with our friends, our tribe, and the world around us.

       It’s about creating amusement. 


Between the Sheets 

Contents of the Burning Almanac fit into the following loose categories.  What is listed are samples and will only be finalized as submissions roll in.


A completely re-envisioned calendar; almanac type stuff; etc.


Short fiction, micro stories, poems, etc.


Science geekery; personal narrative, DIY instructions, geometry, math


Visual Arts, Photography, Sketches, Painting, Comics


But Wait! There’s More…


Draw & Design, DIY


Fake ads, only rule is they can’t be real.


Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, and Energy Healing


The stuff that gets included because we want it to be.

Makin’ it Happen

While this is the brainchild of Bonanza and some of the pages are her inspiration and creation, nothing is done alone.  This is the Core Team.  
More bios and details to come…


Grand Maker of Things, Herder of Cats, and Creative Genus of the Species Playful


Layout Guru, Assistant Editor, Can Be Found Saying Yeah That Kind of Sort of Looks Good


All things realting to “the Interwebs”, Digital Media, Writer, & Almanac Lover. 

Kitty Fitzpantson


This could be you.

Patron of the ARTS.

Or this.


Or this.

Gets all the stuff done.

Or this.

Sparkle Pony Corral Management

What’s going on.

Updated on a regular basis.  Some for fun, some practical.

Call for Submissions!

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