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i, GLOWBOT Burning Almanac

You know you want to.

Maybe you are just a bit curious or love to support the arts, in any case it’s time to participate with your wallet.

Go ahead and

Order Below…

To PRE Pre-Order the Burning Almanac, make a donation of $20 for per copy of the almanac to god@burningalmanac.us via PayPal. Please include your address in the note -or- indicate that this is a donation/gift to the community.

Because the project is still launching, there is no product or ship date yet (although we are estimating you will be reading it by mid-May 2018).  To be clear, you are donating to a process not the end goal.  While we want the almanac to materialize in paper form it may need end up digital.  We can say that no matter what we are engaging in an awesome creative process and your $20 gift will help get some of the much needed pieces in place to make it happen.  Donations of any amount are welcome, and we will certainly accept pre-orders at volume.

Stay tuned for the GoFundMe launch by March 1st!