Where the absurd marries the realistic


While we can do just about anything on our own (radical self-reliance) it is far more fun to engage with our friends (communal effort) especially when the final product (radical self-expression) has the ability to bring enjoyment and inspiration to others who receive it (gifting) with curiosity.

Submissions are open for this year’s inaugural Burning Almanac.

We are looking for contributors

that are interested in playing with us

to create something awesome

for the community.

Do you want to play?

Ideas will be reviewed as they arrive.
Final submissions are due by 3/15/18 (Gregorian) so get on it!

What’s in an Almanac anyway?  The Farmer’s Almanac gives guidance to farmers to plan their year. There are entertaining tidbits from the seriously scientific to the wondrous woo-woo.  The almanac helps farmers get their best growing year on while simultaneously entertaining and inspiring them during the long winter hibernation.

We imagine that a Burning Almanac would have to provide inspiration for burners to have their best Burning Man year ever while engaging in creative expression.  However, we don’t guarantee that we are just providing entertainment for the community, including those who will be on the playa and those who can’t make it but wish to immerse themselves in this year’s co-created culture.

Compensation begins with the joy in your heart when you think about participating.

What’s in an almanac anyway?
Contents of the Burning Almanac fit into the following loose categories.

Almanac Classics– A completely re-envisioned calendar, moon cycles; etc.

Fiction – Short fiction, micro stories, poems, etc.

Facts – Science geekery; personal narrative, DIY instructions, geometry, math

Activities & Fun – How do you bring the principles into the world? Onto paper?

False Advertising – Must we say more?

Art – Visual arts of many sorts – We are NOT interested in photography from past events

Woo-woo – Such as astrology, numerology, energy healing, energy reading, or…

Other – The stuff that gets included because we want it to.

Burning Almanac is meant to be an art form that doesn’t really fully exist yet.  It is growing out of the almanac, Zine, and arts journal concepts, but fundamentally this is our format to play with. So what word, visual, or numerical geekery do you wish to share?